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Before we get to the why let’s first define what Content Marketing is.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, it is a marketing technique used to attract viewers and potential customers by creating and distributing valuable information. If the content is consistent, this drives profit to one’s business as well.

 Businesses can easily sell stuff, but not all of them can really sell stuff. Imagine seeing an ad for a unique chair. You’re interested in its shape, but there’s nothing more in the ad that tells you why you should buy it nor why the chair is like that. It failed to give you all the essential details. This is where content marketing comes in.

 One of the critical components to delivering good content marketing is how valuable it is. If there is value in what you’re trying to convey to your customers, their expectations will be much more remarkable because of your quality content. This then becomes leverage to your business because people trust your brand.

 Quality Content + More Customers = Profit, Happy Business, and Happy You

 However, if your content is lacking and empty, building a community will prove to be a challenge because the type of content you put out is not what they intended. To put it simply, it’s a missing value.

 If you want quality content for your business, here are a few Content Marketing examples you can do to:

1. Infographics 

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The average span of an online user’s attention is now only 8 seconds. With the increasing demand for short and quick content, it’s no surprise that most people want to see something they like more conveniently. Infographics are one way to catch their attention. Images are more likely to be seen first rather than words. They want to see the bigger picture. Eye-catching photos mean attention, and attention means more interest. This type of information can simply be passed around on social media, and it’s also a great way to pique the interest of the many.

2. Podcasts 

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 This type of content marketing is becoming more common nowadays. Podcasts may be like radio, but the process is entirely different. While a radio program is produced and created in real-time every day, podcasts are pre-recorded and episodic. Users can simply download and listen anywhere, either online or offline. Hosts talk about a specific topic and give their opinion on matters they deem necessary. If the hosts give out valuable, truthful, or even just exciting information, their users and/or followers will listen to every episode.

3. Videos

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Another way of content marketing is creating videos. As more influencers rise and the need for shorter content is becoming significant, video content is probably the most effective way of reaching audiences. If your video has quality, more people will be aware of you, and you will have more subscribers. The profit comes, and you’ll be a happy influencer. If your content is lacking, either you won’t get as many subscribers, or in influencer language, you will get canceled. YouTube alone has more than 2 billion monthly active users. And now, with the rise of popular social media app TikTok, 689 million users are vying for a spot in creating quality content.

Why Content Marketing?

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While it is also essential to know what content marketing is, the “why” you should use it for your business is more important.

Content Marketing builds awareness.

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They may know what they want and/or need, but they do not know certain things beyond that. It’s up to you to make them understand that and find a better solution or alternative to their problems. If you’ve made their life easier, awareness will come in as easy, and you’ll gain more customers in no time.

Content Marketing establishes trust.

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As mentioned before, if your business has and produced quality content, your customers will see that your brand is trustworthy. No matter what kind of content you put in there, and as long as they are interested in it, they will be loyal to you because they’ve already seen what your business can do. However, once you break that trust, regaining it will be a challenge, so make sure your content is consistent.

Content Marketing raises profit.

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Need we say more? Content Marketing creates profit, and every time you put out great content, more leads and visits from audiences are made. Not only does this benefit.

 You but because you have already raised awareness of your brand and created that trust, the increase in sales will come, and customers will stay loyal and true to you.


The secret to content marketing is value. What you’re putting out there should have valuable information. Otherwise, what’s the point of promoting your business if they don’t know what you’re selling? It’s like opening a present only to be disappointed at an empty box.

Content Marketing is the present and the future of marketing. Without this, there will be no solutions to our problems. In order to create quality content, you must first establish yourself by raising awareness and building trust among your current and future customers. Once they see that your business’s foundation is built, it will be a simpler process from there. You’ll have more profit, and you and your customers will be happier. You can also ask for suggestions or talk to them about what they want to see in your brand. Customer interaction is also beneficial for your business. This proves you’re not just a brand that only wants to sell but also a business that reaches out.

At Skillphase, we have the expertise to build you excellent marketing content. For more information, email us at [email protected] or follow and DM us on Instagram. We’ll be more than happy to assist you and help your business grow.