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Branding is the process of putting your brand out there and taking actions to cultivate it. In short, it is making your business grow. Simple, right? But building your brand is much more than just putting on a logo and telling people about it.

How does Branding work?

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Well, it works when you put action to it. Kidding aside, Branding should be the first and foremost part of establishing your business. So now comes the question of how does it work, exactly?

First, you have to lay out the framework of your brand. To build something, you have to have a blueprint, right? Here are a few elements that could help in establishing your brand:

–  Logo – This part is vital. It’s the first thing that people usually see when they search for you. It’s the face of your brand, your identity. You have to make sure that your logo is not just some logo. At least put a story in it so that way, it’ll be more exciting, and it’ll make it more like your business.

–  Mission and Vision Statement – Who are you as a company, what do you aim to do, and how do you see yourself in the long run? These are the questions that should come to your mind when you’re branding your business. Think of it as a foundation for your business. It’s a simple question, but it helps you assess how you want others to perceive your brand. Plus, it makes you think and enables you to determine what kind of business you want to put out.

Brand Guidelines – These guidelines should be a reflection of your company.

These are the things that you have to follow to differentiate you from the competitors and provide a template for decision-making ideas for future marketing campaigns. To put it simply, it’s like your “brand bible.”

There are more ways to help you establish your brand, but these three are probably the most important. On another note, you could also add in some additional assets like building a website (also super important), handing out flyers, etc., just to put a bit of leverage in marketing your brand. Whatever you do is up to you. After all, it’s your business. We, digital marketers, are the only mediums in making your brand grow.

Now, here comes the crucial question:

 Why is it important?

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We’re pretty sure we’ve told a few reasons why Branding is essential in the previous sentences. Still, there are more reasons why you should take Branding more seriously and incorporate it into your business.

–  Brand Awareness – Take a famous fast-food chain with a golden arch, for example. Once you see that sign, you already know it’s that fast-food chain. It’s simple but stands out among the crowd. They’re well-established because they already know what and/or who they are. Same with your business, if you want customers to get to know you, you have to know how you’re going to make your business look. Establish yourself, and then the recognition comes after.

–  Consistency – You are a business that wants to seek certain customers to target sales. How do you do that? By being consistent, of course. Once you develop brand awareness and know-how to establish your brand, be consistent with what you put out. Otherwise, your audience will have a hard time figuring out the message you want to convey.

–  Connection – You are a business, so technically, you are a public figure. You have to know what makes your customer buy or be loyal to your brand. You have to listen to them and give solutions to their problems. Providing them assurance will most likely guarantee their unwavering loyalty to your business. So make sure what you put out is what they need, not just what they want.

Branding is essential because it’s what makes your business you. While marketing may bring sales and leads, Branding is your foundation. It’s what makes you stand out and get that customer attention you’ve been craving for so long. And once you know how to brand or the kind of Branding you want your business to be, the flow will be more effortless from then on. Raise awareness, give consistency and seek connection with your customers. Your business will be more accessible to market once you get to layout that process. It’s okay to start slowly and build slowly.

A better brand means better marketing. But for your brand to be better, you have to work with the best. That’s why we at Skillphase, we make sure to know your business’s needs. You also get to be a part of our team, so we’ll know how you want your business to stand out. Our digital marketing professionals will be there to help you every step of the way.

For more information, email us or give us a call for a free consultation.