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In a world full of different people from different generations, marketing has always been a lingering presence. Be it an ad on TV, newspaper or on your phone for that matter, marketing makes its way to millions of people and reaches them in surprising ways.

But how does it work and how did it came to be?
First and foremost, marketing is a way of reaching out to people using a variety of platforms. It is the process of getting potential clients to get to know your brand. You push your business into gear by accessing people’s emotions by tapping through their wants and needs. When this happens, a chain of reaction occurs causing them to know or even buy from your business. This then becomes a valuable asset to every establishment and should be used for better engagement from target audiences.

Back then, marketing used traditional methods. Marketing on TV, newspapers and radios were seen as the common platforms to promote, sell, and distribute your brand. You allow people to get to know you but let’s be honest: there is little to no interaction in traditional marketing. We’re not saying that it’s not helpful nor it is old-fashioned but it also has its pros. While it may be a classic tactic, traditional marketing makes use of offline promotion. Meaning, you can find it in TVs, radios, newspapers, outdoor ads, or direct mail. This is still done today but rarely used as a form of marketing.

As innovative technological advancements arise, more and more people turn into their smartphones. It’s fast, convenient and an all-around machine. Internet is almost accessible to everyone and people have smartphones nowadays. Your wants and needs are within reach at simply a click of a button. See an advertising for a coffee maker? Click the link and order. You’ll have it within a day or two at most. This is where digital marketing comes into play. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows higher and more engagement from various platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all these other social media outlets can be a link in getting to know a business’s brand—your brand. Digital marketing uses every touch point of your daily life to reach you via the ever-present Internet. It allows different audiences from different parts of the world to connect with you directly as you’re building your brand. There are real-time results and professional digital marketers are on the rise as well due to its increasing

The reason why digital marketing is more efficient is because not only is it accessible but also because it’s convenient. Societal and cultural shifts are a big factor in digital marketing and because there are innovations, needs change as well. It’s important to know that people want fast and accessible rather than slow and limited. It’s essential in today’s businesses and every update to a social platform is a new learning curve.

Keeping up with the trend and knowing how the digital algorithm works is today’s creme-de-la-creme in digital marketing.